What We Do


  • We offer an investment platform focused on a wide range of direct investment opportunities
  • Among other investment vehicles, we target US properties such as farmland and multi-family real estate
  • We provide a platform for our investors with direct access to institutional quality investments on a deal-by-deal basis
  • We strive to offer flexibility towards understanding our clients’ needs and generate tailor-made solutions
  • We partner with investors on specific business opportunities

Our real estate offering in the United States

US Property.jpg

US Properties

  • Vertically integrated real estate investment management firm focused on the rental housing sector
  • Our focus is on leading U.S. urban markets with barriers to entry, diversified economies, mass transportation networks, and growth drivers - demographic and business approach
  • We seek to acquire high quality investments at discounts to replacement cost
  • Employ equity and debt structures seeking to maximize investor returns and hedge risk; use debt prudently on a portfolio basis
  • Lease and manage to maintain high occupancies at market leading rents
  • Look to sell assets in a timely fashion

US farmland

  • We firmly believe that carefully selected and well-structured investments in farmland provide a solid and rewarding component of a well-designed portfolio
  • US farmland is a component that not only enhances risk-adjusted returns through meaningful diversification but also provides a strong hedge against inflation.
  • We have specific expertise in the Delta States (Arkansas, Mississippi & Louisiana) and in Florida.